Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Assignment for 03/28/10

Morgan Bayda

Morgan Bayda’s post is an inspiration for all college students. All the issues she and Dan addressed have crossed my mind. I totally thought I could become paperless this semester by purchasing me a little netbook and basically becoming more professional. When I get to all of my classes every syllabus says "we will learn the old fashion way paper and pencil" I have been discouraged every since. We are not in the old fashion days and I believe as adults we should be able to use whatever material we desire as long as it is not a disturbance. We as college students pay way too much money for this in my opinion "nonsense". Touching on the issue of too much work. I have not figured out the reason for teachers giving a tub load of work and a novel of pages to read every night. Teachers fail to realize that most college students are full-time and work full-time and also have to be full-time parents. In my opinion I believe it is just busy work as if we are in high school because that is what I feel like.

Touching on the topic of boring teachers or teachers that rant as Dan would put it is causing many college students become less interested in school and even so discouraging as to drive some students to drop out.. My attention span is not very long like many other individuals and I need topic and discussion time in order for me to grasp the material and be able to remember what was taught for the future. As you stated how can you be a lazy teacher yet teach your students to be enthusiastic teachers. I also feel we are cheated out of our money every semester on books. We spend hundreds of dollars on books and honestly in some classes I have never open my book for some classes. When I get ready to sell the book back guess what it is no longer in use at that university or the would like to give me 10% of what I have spent. Also having a PLN is a great part of education and learning because as in Ms. Bayda‘s post by her having a PLN she was able to find volunteer work for free because she was able to voice her opinion worldwide and it was recognized. In my opinion Ms. Bayda’s opinions and thoughts should be addressed in the college meetings because it is becoming an ongoing problem.

Hello Hannah my name is Carlecia McIntosh and I am in edm310. I do not think you talk to much you just like to express yourself verbally. Creating a blog post is a great way to express your ideas about what ever you like. I do like you blog and the way you have it set up. If you would like to get more ideas or share your ideas with me you can visit my blog at mcintoshcarleciaedm310@blogspot.com. Here is a link to Hannahs blog http://hannahsworld1024.blogspot.com/

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  1. Hi Carlecia!
    I'm so glad you could identify with my post. I think maybe one reason why some professors give loads of homework and expect static attention during their lectures, is because they were raised in an educational environment (so were we, I guess) where teachers were indefinitely supposed to be 'experts'. The way those professors expect us to become experts is by the same methods they did. Now I just think that first of all, there is less of a need to be 'expert' at many things, because we are within reach of experts all over the world in everything, through technology. If there is one thing we need to become 'expert' at, perhaps it is being an expert at finding and communicating with those people. I think relevant literature can be a great way to learn more about a subject, but the key word is relevant. I am given so many readings each day that I feel don't really pertain to what I'm learning about, or won't do anything to further my thinking in that topic.

    It's so great many of us are starting to think hard about what we would change about our education given the opportunity.